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U-GLOVE™, Inc. is a company that was incorporated under the laws of Florida, USA in 2013, intending to develop 2 lines of business consisting on the sale of plastic gloves and dispenser for said gloves, and an opportunity for future advertising possibilities within the dispenser.The gloves, meant for the protection of consumers at fuel stations, are currently present in various public spaces. The plastic dispenser, designed for outdoor conditions, allowed the creation of the second line of business, advertising.The advertising is enabled through a space in the dispenser’s header or by the printing colors of advertising messages displayed on the gloves. U-GLOVE® patented dispensers are unique and state-of-art, who are linked to a second patent for the advertising-based business process.Today U-GLOVE® is present in many gas stations throughout the country, with the highest concentration in the state of Florida, where its headquarters are located. Lately, U-GLOVES® is offered in other spaces, such as supermarkets, fast food restaurants, health care centers, recreational centers, banks, shopping malls, sports centers, etc. 


The sudden surge of new viruses presents the need for protection. Here at U-GLOVE™, we have observed how consumers seek to protect themselves and avoid places where that protection is not provided. Being gloves, we provide the perfect way of not having contact with any surface that is presumed to contain any virus, bacteria, or simply dirty. It is there, that the practicality and access to our dispensers plays a fundamental role in helping consumers to stay in the consumption areas of our clients, preventing consumers from making the decision to go to another place if that protection is not offered, mainly for free. In addition, our advertising service is low cost and high impact. First, the daily investment is very low per day, achieves physical interaction with the consumers in a quantifiable way, that when compared to other out of media advertising services it excels. Likewise, the service allows interaction with digital advertising, which can be connected by QR to any form of digital development including integration within social networks. It also allows interaction on the site with promotions that increase sales for our customers. U-GLOVE™ continues its expansion throughout the United States directly through its customers and support by distributors, thus achieving a presence in more locations, where people like YOU have a conscience to protect yourself, because you care, you U-GLOVE™.


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