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Distributor Program


Thank you for your interest in the U-GLOVE® distribution program, designed to reach every corner of the country, while maximizing distributors’ benefits with a long-term partnership that is based on trust and our commitment to deliver excellence.


The U-GLOVE® program provides distributors with access to an exclusive, patented protected product that is in high demand by retailers across multiple industries. Our distributor program offers volume-based incentives and performance-based customer account exclusivity to enable master or direct distribution. 


The U-GLOVE® program provides a zero-touch solution to customers seeking safety and protection in public spaces. Our patented dispensers elevate your customers’ brand image by providing differentiation beyond price. U-GLOVE® offers a competitive advantage and a powerful way to avoid potential liabilities by offering a low-cost solution to mitigate and help contain the spread of viral and bacterial disease. Competitive advantages include: 

  • Attractive trade margins
  • Welcome discount (only for the first invoice and granted after the second purchase)
  • Annual rebate program based on accumulated purchase levels
  • Volume discounts (Tier discounts)
  • No warehouse needed for large quantity inventory
  • Online distributor portal
  • Dedicated distributor account support
  • Increase average sales ticket
  • Net Terms under credit approval  
  • Access to new customer segments and cross-industry opportunities:
    • Fuel and EV Charging Stations
    • Grocery Stores (supermarkets, convenience stores)
    • Quick Service Restaurants
    • High-traffic public spaces (stadiums, city/theme/amusement parks)
    • Public transportation (ride hail, bus and subway stations, airports and port terminals)
    • Government facilities
    • Travel and leisure (hotels, airlines and cruise lines)
    • Healthcare and wellness facilities (hospitals, urgent cares, doctor offices, spa and beauty centers)
    • Financial centers (ATM, banks and drive-thru banking)
    • Schools and education centers
    • Increase average sales ticket
    • One-time payment for lifetime lease of dispensers – no hidden fees
    • Cost-neutral replenishment through third-party sponsorship1
    • First ever outdoor-indoor disposable HDPE Glove dispenser for multi-location
    • Food grade high quality disposable gloves
    • Simple peel & stick dispenser installation
    • No maintenance cost
    • Guaranteed glove replenishment
    • 1-year dispenser warranty
    • Optional 3-year term replacement program at discounted price
    • Fully customizable/branded dispensers (under U-GLOVE Patent)
    • Ongoing customer service


All-weather resistant, designed for all seasons (no rust!), versatile, built to last plastic and impact resistant. Easily attach to different surfaces right at your customers’ fingertips, just peel and stick.

Pricing: to protect U-GLOVE’s intellectual property and the integrity of the U-GLOVE® brand, the dispensers are leased for just one up-front payment for a 3-years lease agreement terms and auto-renewal with not additional payments. Final lessees have the option to replace the dispenser after 3-years, for the same or new model, with special replacement discounts.


    • Patent protected
    • Unique outdoor-indoor glove dispenser
    • Hard and durable PVC plastic structure
    • Single mechanical inner mechanism with no electrical connections.
    • Double UV coating protection for longer life
    • Easy installation “peel & stick“, using the strongest adhesive offered in the market that comes with the dispensers2
    • Upper banner for advertising under patent method (starting Q3 of 2020)
    • Third party branded gloves for advertising under patent method
  • Direct lease assignment
Distributors lease dispensers directly from U-GLOVE and retain responsibility over the units per lease terms and conditions. They install them in end-customer locations and sell glove to customers.
  • Sub-lease assignment

As pre-assignees, distributors acquire dispensers from U-GLOVE and assign them to end-customers. Once assigned, end-customers become the dispensers’ lessee and distributors continue to sell replenishment gloves.

  • Order details
    • Minimum order quantity
    • Tier discounts


Our standard premium disposable gloves are white embossed, thicker than most alternatives and recyclable. Features include:

    • Zero-Touch protection
    • Single use
    • Recyclable
    • Food grade
    • Embossed for easy use
    • Size L that fits all consumer hands
    • Touch-screen compatible
    • Fully customizable with customer’s brand or 3rd party advertisements
  • Order details
    • Minimum order quantity
    • Tier discounts

Distributors profit from an additional discount through U-GLOVE’s annual credit reward points program (U-POINTS), conforming to the following conditions:

    • Distributors accumulate points (USD) throughout the year with every purchase
    • Reward* levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum 
  • Minimum annual purchase
  • Minimum amount per purchase
  • Minimum quantity per item
  • Minimum quantity of orders per year
  • Sale under MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Resale Price). 
  • Maintain account payments up to date
  • Reassign lease agreement to final customers or final lessees through simplified form
  • Share end-customer information with U-GLOVE® to include:
    • Final lessee name
    • full address
    • email
    • phone number
    • Location type per the following categories:
      • Fuel and EV Charging Stations
      • Grocery Stores
      • Quick Service Restaurants
      • Public transportations
      • Government facilities
      • Transportation
      • Health facilities
      • Financial centers
      • Education
      • Other

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